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Transform your business with Micro-King's comprehensively managed IT services, designed to suit your specific needs.


Having an IT specialist to manage your business data and computers is vital in today's technology-driven environment.


The advantages of subcontracting our services for Businesses Today? Leveraging Expertise and Up-to-Date Knowledge.


For business, the role of an IT specialist in managing security, backups, spam filters, and cyber attacks has become essential. We're here for you.

Empower Your Business with Comprehensive IT Managed Service Excellence!

By having Micro-King comprehensively manage your IT services, empower your business with uninterrupted operations, enhanced security, scalability, cost efficiency, and the freedom to focus on what truly matters – your core business. Don’t let technology become a hindrance; instead, leverage our expert IT support to propel your business forward.

Advantages of Professional IT Management

Unlock Your Business Potential with Our Professional Team

With Micro-King’s IT services, your business can enjoy seamless operations, even in the face of unexpected technical issues or disruptions. This ensures that your systems, applications, and data remain accessible and protected, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity..

Cyber threats are evolving at an alarming rate, making robust IT security a top priority. Here at Micro-King, we provide proactive security measures, including threat monitoring, vulnerability assessments, and data encryption. By staying ahead of potential risks, you can safeguard your business against costly breaches and protect sensitive information.

As your business grows, so do your IT requirements. We offer scalability, allowing you to easily expand or downsize your IT infrastructure based on your needs. This flexibility ensures that your technology resources align with your business goals without the hassle of investing in additional hardware or software.

In-house IT departments can be costly to maintain, with expenses such as salaries, training, and equipment. Our solutions provide a cost-effective alternative, as you only pay for the services you need. Outsourcing your IT needs to experts allows you to leverage their specialized knowledge and experience while significantly reducing overhead costs.

By entrusting your IT operations to Micro-King’s reliable managed service, you can free up valuable time and resources to concentrate on your core business activities. This enables you to prioritize strategic initiatives, innovation, and customer satisfaction, ultimately driving growth and profitability.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Tony and his team have worked with us for 21 years. Our business has had its ups and downs, but Tony has helped us constantly. Looking for the most secure solutions for us at prices we can afford, making sure that our system always functions, up grades done out of office hours, down-to-earth advice when we need new solutions, calls us back when we call him. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.
Dominic Dangerfield
Paris, France
Best IT company I have ever worked with. Really nice people who have been fixing our machines for over 20 years.
Zasha Swan
Paris, France
A client of Microking for 20 years, this small company has always been reactive, efficient, competent and innovative. I can highly recommend.
Frank Jones
Absolutely amazing service. Tony was very friendly and professional, and best of all, he speaks perfect English! I would recommend Micro King to anyone in the area needing tech repair because they are a good, honest business on their way to building a great reputation.
LL Groshong
Paris, France
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